Project Scenario

Spartina 449 is widely recognized for their upscale, designer handbags, apparel, and accessories. Founded on the principle of style over fashion and drawing inspiration from the lush, green cordgrass that flourishes in the saltwater marshes lining the Carolina coast.

Spartina was referred to PPWD through one of our customers. They had struggled for some time with their digital presence and had challenges getting issues resolved with their existing Development Partner.

The Result

Spartina449 came to us with a request for support. Their current SI was taking too long to respond to requests and not resolving them when they did finally get to them. One of the executives at Spartina had worked with us previously and reached out for help knowing we could step in and resolve any issue on the Magento/Adobe Commerce platform.

Working closely with the client, PPWD worked to take over support and resolve outstanding issues. Since taking over we have succeeded in stabilizing the work queue and performing work requests in a timely manner. The client is now looking at new features to grow the user experience for its customers and we are working with them to execute on their exciting plan. We have succeeded in gaining the confidence of Spartina449 and look to building a long term relationship with the brand.

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