Project Scenario

Lhasa OMS has been a leading supplier of high quality acupuncture and healthcare supplies for nearly 40 years. Lhasa consulted with PPWD on a unique request to transition their legacy eCommerce website to Magento/Adobe Commerce 2 Enterprise while incorporating a complex, Business to Practitioner solution. The solution served to address a diverse client base that required different levels of access for various types of healthcare providers.

The Result

PPWD worked closely with the Lhasa team on a thoughtful and comprehensive design. The final design incorporated all the complexities Lhasa needed for their expansive product catalog. PPWD developed a Business to Practitioner system that ensures that healthcare providers, students, and patients have the ability to access the appropriate products and information based on their client profile. Lhasa has seen impressive growth over the past few years and continues to take advantage of the latest upgrades to both infrastructure and software, ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

Lhasa OMS
Lhasa OMS
Lhasa OMS
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