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Shopware is a powerful, innovative, and flexible e-commerce platform that underlies many large e-commerce web sites around the world. Combining Headless Commerce and native API-first functionality, Shopware can be tailored to your company’s unique business requirements. Whether your business is B2C, D2C, B2B, or a combination of the two, Shopware’s cutting edge technology can power your next e-commerce platform.

A proud Shopware Silver partner, PPWD is ready to explore with you how Shopware can meet your e-commerce needs.

Why Choose Shopware?

Shopware is an innovative e-commerce platform that allows outstanding flexibility and scalability for mid-size B2C and B2B customers. Shopware has a broad range of solutions to help create a site that will be able to grow as your company – and sales – grow.

As a headless platform, Shopware allows for greater customization to the front end, allowing for a truly custom shopping experience for your customers. Additionally, Shopware’s API-First approach allows you to seamlessly integrate Shopware into your ERP, CRM, PIM or BI systems.

Shopware is also scalable, allowing your site to grow as your business grows, ensuring smooth performance regardless of the size of your catalog or customer base.

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Shopware is a customizable and scalable e-commerce solution. Shopware has an impressive array of features that can be tailored for your business e-commerce needs.

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Flexibility & Scalability

Shopware seamlessly works for a variety of business sizes, and can scale as you business and sales grow over time.

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B2B Suite

B2B Suite provides next-level B2B capabilities, including easily managing your B2B ecommerce team’s roles and permissions and managing your B2B customer experience (special pricing, customer- specific catalogs, and sales offers).

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Shopware works with industry leading hosting companies (Webscale, Jetrails, and Nexcess) to provide the scalable and robust hosting for your site.

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Advanced Storefront Development

Using Shopware’s Composable frontends, you can implement improved frontend experiences with a quicker time-to-market. You can make greater adjustments to your user experience without the limitations of other e-commerce platforms.

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API-First Approach

Integrations are seamless with Shopware's API-first design, ensuring compatibility with your existing CRM, ERP, PIM, BI or other legacy systems and platforms.

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Open Commerce

Shopware is an open commerce platform, allowing for tremendous flexibility and customization that will allow you to create the best e- commerce solution for your business.

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Omnichannel Commerce

Create a seamless shopping experience across all your sales channels with Shopware. Shopware gives your business the ability to carry over the purchasing experience between channels, giving your customers a consistent and superior purchasing experience.

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Content Management

More than just an e-commerce solution, Shopware's integrated content tools enable enhanced storytelling and brand portrayal.

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Dedicated Support & Community

Shopware has an amazing development team that works with a wide developer community. PPWD is a trusted Silver partner, ready to help you achieve your goals.

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Plugin System

Shopware has a very large library of partner applications that have solved for a variety of unique challenges that other e-commerce companies have faced in the past.

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Multiple Payment Options

Shopware gives you freedom of choice to choose the best payment options for your business, for both domestic and international solutions.

Real-World Case Studies

Here are some real-world case studies from brands that have used Shopware as their e-commerce platform.


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