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To our community and our clients...

PPWD hopes that everyone is staying safe during these uncertain times. We are following current state guidelines for COVID-19 and our team is working remotely to continue providing support to our customers. The COVID-19 virus and the ever-evolving mitigation strategies have impacted people, businesses and entire communities. We know that many businesses are struggling with the forced shutdown of their physical stores or other operations to comply with their community’s health regulations. We are here to help any business that may be affected, whether they are existing clients or other businesses that need support.

We can help in a variety of ways:

  • Update your restaurant’s web site to process takeout orders
  • If your retail stores are closed, we can help you create an online store to sell your products
  • We can help expand your digital marketing to reach new or existing clients.

During these trying times, we will work with you on terms and budgets for any project we take on. We will work through this crisis together. And together, we will be stronger when this pandemic subsides.

Be safe, and thank you.

Vin Marcantonio
ProProducts Web Development

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