Project Scenario

Grey Ledge Medical Management is a New England based medical billing agency. They were looking for a web development company and hosting provider that could better address their SEO concerns after their new website launched, as well as host their site. Customers could not easily find their business name when searching for their services online. Their existing hosting provider was shutting down all of their servers as well. After assessing the website it was determined that some structural and content changes were needed for better visibility on search engines.

The Result

The PPWD Frontrunner plan was determined to be a great solution for Grey Ledge. We devised a full marketing strategy through our FrontRunner Digital Marketing Plan and created a custom HTML website that is fully optimized for the search engines. PPWD has just launched Grey Ledge Medical Management’s new website at the end of June 2020. PPWD monitors, manages & maintains their website.

Grey Ledge Medical Management
Grey Ledge Medical Management
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