Project Scenario

Foster Grant came to us with a broken Magento/Adobe Commerce 2 Commerce installation. The database and admin had many issues from a failed Magento/Adobe Commerce 1 migration and the front end was not up to Magento/Adobe Commerce standards. They were also on old servers that had barely made it through the last holiday season and there was a need for a change. The goal was to upgrade the website to the latest sable version of Magento/Adobe Commerce Commerce, clean up the database and admin issues from failed Magento/Adobe Commerce 1 migrations and move to a new hosting provider with little to no downtime. No easy task but we were up to the challenge.

The Result

PPWD came up with a unique process to clean up the misconfigured data in the database to allow the admin to function properly again. We then synced the live site order data to the new upgraded site on its new hosting environment and were able to bring the new site live on new hardware with only minutes of downtime. The final result was a new, stable website with no admin or database issues that flew through the holiday season on its new servers without any issues.

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