Project Scenario

Dorel Juvenile USA, a worldwide leader in child safety products, engaged PPWD on how to maximize the B2B capabilities of the Magento/Adobe Commerce 2 Commerce Cloud platform. The goal was to identify an ecommerce platform that could provide one administration location for their family of brands and work for both B2C and B2B customers. They were looking to implement a single platform that was capable of accommodating different types of transactions, a variety of customer profiles, across several brands.

The Result

After the discovery process of analyzing their business needs and thoroughly researching alternatives, it became clear that the Magento/Adobe Commerce 2 B2B Commerce Cloud platform was the right choice. The Magento/Adobe Commerce 2 Commerce Cloud platform allowed them to unify their B2B and B2C businesses, where they can sell directly to consumers and their wholesale retailers. Additionally, PPWD worked with Dorel to integrate their site with its existing Salsify and JD Edwards systems for seamless content, inventory, and accounting. After launching the initial B2B store, Dorel decided to continue migrating many of its other brand sites to the platform. Now, several B2C sites along with the B2B site coexist seamlessly on one installation on the Magento/Adobe Commerce Commerce Cloud. Since the launch, PPWD has continued to provide ongoing support and maintenance for this successful B2B store.

dorel b2b
dorel b2b
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