Project Scenario

Davitt, Inc. is a New England based custom home builder specializing in luxury and coastal homes. They came to PPWD looking to redesign their nonfunctional website to showcase their work and optimize their services for exposure on the search engines. The goal was to create up to 4 elegant websites that matched the Davitt's brand and then seamlessly integrate the websites together.

The Result

PPWD first created a personalized website for Davitt to visually display the quality of their home design projects and services. The result was a series of websites all integrated together for a seamless navigation experience. Secondly, PPWD customized a Frontrunner marketing program plan to expand awareness of Davitt’s services by increasing their organic reach. Their company can now be found on the first page of Google search results for multiple keyword phrases pertaining to their industry, with the number continuing to increase. Over the past year, Davitt's website traffic has increased by over 75%.


We selected ProProducts Web Development to build our new website and we cannot say enough about the PPWD Team! Our new website is not only absolutely beautiful, but it also boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with tremendous functionality. They far exceeded our expectations!! Thank you PPWD Team for all of your tireless efforts during the construction of our new website, your outstanding insights and most of all, for being so incredibly helpful and patient throughout our journey! We highly recommend ProProducts Web Development for all your website needs.

- Davitt, Inc.

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