Shopify B2B

With over 20 years of B2B and B2C eCommerce experience, Pro Products can fine-tune your digital strategy and ecommerce operations. No matter how large your catalog or how complex your website infrastructure, we know what it takes for B2B businesses to succeed in ecommerce. Shopify’s B2B platform has allowed growing manufacturers, distributors, and wholesale brands the opportunity to launch their first entry into ecommerce, and gives existing retailers the chance to open their own B2B channels to capitalize on new streams of revenue.

A relatively new form of online business, B2B eCommerce has steadily grown in popularity these past few years in large part due to the innovative technology solutions that platforms like Shopify are able to offer. With Shopify’s B2B channel you can make buying and selling wholesale products as easy as possible. You can deliver the same seamless experience that a DTC store can provide with even more functionality specific to wholesale buyers. Tiered pricing, self-service management, permissions customized by location and user, and order history exports are just a few of the advanced features that makes the B2B buying experience simple and enjoyable. Business owners are able to access real-time data reporting dashboards to make quick, informed decisions, and they can cultivate long lasting loyalty and drive new business with personalized promotions and intelligent, customized merchandising.

PPWD is a certified Shopify solutions partner and ecommerce development agency that understands how to maximize business efficiency and optimize Shopify B2B stores for peak performance. We offer both full-service work to get your brand started from the ground-up, as well as a la carte agency services for those with existing ecommerce teams. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can bring scalability and growth for your B2B business.

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