Ocean State Urgent Care

Project Scenario

Ocean State Urgent Care is a New England based urgent and primary care practice. They were looking for a web development company that could better organize the layout of their physical locations, as well as integrate their online appointment software for smoother online patient experience.

The Result

During the discovery process, PPWD met with Ocean State Urgent Care to fully understand what they were looking to achieve for their business. We devised a full marketing strategy through our FrontRunner Digital Marketing Plan. We created a custom HTML website that is fully optimized for the search engines. With this new build, we were able to successfully integrate their online appointment scheduling software. Since the launch of the new website in October 2019, Ocean State Urgent Care has seen over 60,000 new visitors to their website!

Google AdWords

Ocean State Urgent Care was looking for another way to grow their practice to coincide with their existing internet presence. PPWD developed a managed Google Adwords Campaign to achieve these goals. Since the launch of their managed Google Adwords Campaign in mid-May 2020, Ocean State Urgent Care has received 133 Online Appointment requests from the website driven from their Google Adwords Campaign.

Ocean State Urgent Care
Ocean State Urgent Care

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